Barrel Come

JMD $95,000.00


50lbs White Rice

50lbs white Flour

25lbs  Brown Sugar

15lbs Cornmeal

5lbs Red Peas

1x Sunshine Frosted Flakes (740g)

1x Sunshine Cornflakes (650g)

6x Serge Milk (1 Litre)

6x Kraft Mac & Cheese

1x Grace Hot Pepper Sauce (12oz)

1x Cals Ketchup (Gal)

1x Lider Vegetable Oil (4 litre)

1x Cals Syrup (Gal)

1x Fiwi Choice Vinegar (Gal)

12x Grace Coconut Powder

12x Grace Cock Soup

6x lasco Fod drink (400g)

3x Milo (400g)

2x Tetley Tea

2x Tetley Peppermint Tea

2x Red Rose Tea

6x Sea Salt

6x Brunswick Sardine

6x Brunswick Tuna

6x Grace Vienna Sausage

6x Brunswick Steak Sardine

2lbs Salt Fish

12x Grace Mackerel (155g)

6x Grace Mix Vegetable (425g)

6x Grace Sweet Corn (425g)

6x Grace Butter Bean (425g)

6x Grace Baked Bean

6x Grace Broad Bean

6x Grace Corn Beef (12 oz)

3x Grace Coconut Tin Milk

2x Quaker Oats (42oz)

6x Excelsior Water Crackers (Family size)

2x Excelsior Cream Crackers

6x Eve Elbow Macaroni

6x Eve Penne

6x Eve Spaghetti

1x Red and Peanut butter

1x Swiss Mayonnaise (946ml)

12x Tang Mixes

12x Kool Aid

3x D&G Soda (2 litre)

5x Sophie Handtowel

1x Ariel Detergent (1.2kg)

1x Axion Paste (425g)

3x Axion Dish washing Liquid (750ml)

3x Colgate Triple action (170g)

1x Case Scott Tissue

6x Irish Spring Bar Soap

6x Protex Bar Soap

1x Spotless Bleach (Gallon)

1x Ariel Laundry Liquid Detergent

6 x Nissin top Cup Noodle

6x Ramen Noodle





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